Best MAC Lipstick Color for Fair Skin

To have a fair skin is a goal for most girls especially those who are naturally born with dark undertones but there should never be anything like this—changing your nature just to fit into the society’s trend. Other girls with yellow undertones or those who have fair skin also want to be tanned, restlessly tanning themselves under the sun or inside a tanning machine. That’s the irony in that.

People tend to be unhappy and ungrateful with their skin tones and instead of embracing it and looking for products that suit it best, they keep on trying to change it. Little did these people know that knowing the right colors and hues that suits their complexion is the key to making them look better, enhancing their features without altering their natural beauty.

Take this video for example – she tries on different shades that suit her skin color:

If you are a woman who has a fair skin tone, possibly pinkish or pale, for starters, it’s important to know your undertones so you would not get that wrong feeling—when your skin doesn’t agree with the lip color you’re wearing.

For fair skinned women like you, it should be neutral, cool, or skew warm. Well, it’s a long process—one that demands many trials and errors, and a several hundred swatches before discovering the perfect and right one for your fair skin. But it doesn’t have to be!

“It takes a lot of research and doubting to find the perfect match. All you have to do is trust in your guts and try on different shades until you find the one.” Well, that’s what they tell you, but I say this: with MAC lipsticks, you will find your perfect match. Keep on reading as this will serve as your bible in choosing the perfect lippie match for your fair skin complexion!

Let’s not make you waste tons of lippies that had become useless and untouched in your makeup kit. Let’s find the suitable MAC lip color just right for your fair skin! Here’s a short list of the shades you want to use to achieve that natural yet electrifying look:

1.  MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo

It comes first on the list because this blue-red shade is incredibly striking making it one of the best lipstick MAC has to offer. This classic red lipstick is a must-have for fair-skinned women who want to make impressions. Wherever you wear this lipstick, be it on the street or on the runway, you will achieve the feeling you want to create. It accentuates your face features, bringing out the best face you could put forward. Click the photo below to get this for free. 🙂

2.  MAC ‘MACnificent Me!” Lipstick – Diva Antics

The name says it all – just right for a fair-skinned woman who wants to feel magnificent! This is one of MAC’s best lipsticks since it stands out anywhere you wear it. It has a medium to high frosted shimmer and a shine finish to it with a glazing appeal that creates natural-looking lips. Shop now by clicking the photo below.

3.  MAC ‘The Matte Lip’ Lipstick – All Fired Up

This is a cool-toned mixture of cherry red, deep fuschia, and dark pink with dark or blue undertones. It can look either redder or pinker depending on your skin. The Matte Lip brightens the face and makes the teeth look much whiter. Looks best if coupled with dark blue, lavender, or stark white outfit colors. It’s a must-have for fair-skinned women because it flatters their complexion perfectly. This beaut is long-wearing, so you won’t need to worry about touching up when eating and drinking. Click the photo below to get this lipstick.

4.  MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande – Viva Glam Ariana II

With its dark yet bright pink hue, it exudes a refined punk look just like that of Ariana’s elegant sass. It’s one of the best MAC Lipsticks, not only for its luscious color but also because its formula has a smooth matte finish, so you can pair it with a lip gloss for some killer sense or keep it as is for an equally appealing look. Click the photo below to see how Ariana puts this lipstick on her lips.

5.  MAC Frost Lipstick – Fresh Moroccan

Its warm brown color will emphasize your fair skin tone. This particular shade is just the right color while spending your vacations, and it has this sexy appeal necessary to win good impressions. It’s so versatile that you can use it in the office without looking too provocative. It’s hot but has a subtle sexiness to it. Get this lipstick for your next vacation by clicking the photo below.

6.  MAC Lustre Lipstick – See Sheer

This grapefruit shade is one of the best MAC lipsticks because it perfectly skirts the line between natural and color. It’s a beautiful, subtle pink color with a semi-gloss lustre finish, so you’re getting an oily shine. It appears very naturally since it’s something between nude and sexy pink. Perfect for fair-skinned women who want to achieve that everyday natural glow. Click the photo now to order this lipstick.

7.  MAC Liptensity Lipstick – Medium Rare

It’s a gorgeous plum on the lips! The MAC Liptensity Lipstick – Medium Rare will give your lips a softer feel. The creamier mixture glides on with ease without the problems of drying or caking. Even if it moisturizes, it wouldn’t feel greasy. Also, it’s just the right lippie for fair skinned women who want to look electrifying yet still feminine at the same time. Click the photo below to witness the transformation.

 8.  MAC Matte Lipstick – Russian Red

This is a classic red lipstick with a hint of blue characterizing the shade, making it far from your classic red lip. The intensity is sheer because of its matte formulation making it much more appealing and striking to the eyes especially for those who have fair skin tones. Give your lips that red color by clicking the photo below.

Best MAC Lipstick Color for Fair Skin

Having fair skin is either a blessing or a disaster. It’s a dream for many women, and on the other hand, some fair-skinned women wish they’re tanner or darker.

But it only takes a gutsy gal wise enough to look for the perfect lip color to flatter her skin and accentuate and enhance her already beautiful features! Since MAC offers a broad range of lipstick colors, anyone dark, fair, or medium toned can achieve the look she wants on special occasions and even on a daily basis.

Did anything catch your eye? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Be sure to stay tuned for more posts like this! 🙂

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