Best MAC Lipstick Color for Indian Skin

You must have seen the best MAC lipsticks for Olive skin tone. Besides, I have covered best lipsticks for various skin tones such as the best MAC lipsticks for Asian skin, best MAC lipsticks for dark skin and also best MAC lipsticks for fair skin. Today, I will be covering some best MAC lipstick colors for Indian skin. Most of them will suit every skin tone which is a plus. Check out these 8 gorgeous looking lipsticks. Click on the images to get the lipstick/s.

1. MAC Mystical

MAC described MAC Mystical as a mid-tone creamy rose. I think it is perfect for everyday wear and this is one of the shades that will go well with every Indian skin tone. Also, it is the lipstick shade from MAC that was first to be sold out in every place in India when it was launched.

It has a decent staying power of hours and isn’t drying on the lips because of its creemsheen finish. I believe that this is a must-have shade, especially for every Indian skin tone.

2. MAC New York Apple

New York Apple is another lipstick shade of MAC that will work well not just for Indian skin tones but also for every skin tone around. It has a frost finish that usually goes on a bit sheer but not on New York Apple. Also, it is perfect for those who are a little too afraid of traditional red lipstick, and an excellent way to add some color to your spring makeup look and is a great shade to transition your look from day to night.

It has a staying power of 4 hours and does not make your lips bleed although it doesn’t have a very moisturizing formula, it does not dry out your lips.

3. MAC Toying Around

MAC described MAC Toying Around as a hot coral pink. I think the actual color looks more orange than pink although it will look entirely coral on slightly pigmented lips.

The lipstick has an equally impressive staying power. It could last up to 5 hours and leaves a very even stain when it fades away. Also, it does not transfer very quickly, but you should pay extra attention because it will slightly stain your glass.

4. MAC Stay In Touch

MAC Stay In Touch is a warm rust-brown shade that has a dark peachy touch. It is a versatile lipstick shade that can be worn with a heavy eye makeup but also with a neutral one. I have seen some people wear this shade and I must say that it will suit to a lot of skin tones and the Indian skin tone is one of them. Also, I even saw a dark-skinned girl tried this way back when I was in the MAC local store about a week ago it looked so lovely on her.

It has a staying power of 3 hours and has a creemsheen finish that is pigmented, has a shine to them and keeps the lips moisturized.

5. MAC Amorous

MAC described Amorous as a lovestruck cranberry with a satin finish. I would say it as brownish-purple. It is purply plum lipstick with quite a touch of brown. It looks medium mauve color on a brown Indian skin tone or NC35 skin tone. Furthermore, Amorous is a beautiful winter color. It is both sophisticated and fun at the same time.

It has an impressive staying power that would last for more than 5 hours on the lips and could survive the coffee breaks, full meals which fade to a medium pinkish color.

6. MAC Brave

MAC Brave is a beautiful pinkish brown nude color in a satin finish that has tendencies of showing up a little different each time and under various lighting situations. When it comes to an everyday and natural makeup, this shade will compliment to a lot of skin tones such as the Indian skin tone. It could be an MLBB(my-lips-but-better) for a little darker Indian skin tone.

It has a staying power for 4 to 5 hours on the lips and could survive full meals.

7. MAC Ravishing

MAC described Ravishing as a clean light peachy coral in a creemsheen finish. This would suit light to medium skin tones which the Indian skin tones belong. Furthermore, MAC Ravishing belongs to the family of Crosswires and See Sheer. Crosswires is coral that is close to an orange shade which is brighter. On the other hand, See Sheer is warmer that suits to almost every skin tone. However, Ravishing is the lighters among the three, and it is much softer and the understated kind of an orange shade that a lot of people could pull off.

The staying power is around 4 hours and an entirely opaque lipstick which tends to settle into fine lines. So, ensure of exfoliating your lips very well although this lipstick is not drying at all. It gives you a very comfortable wear.

8. MAC Speak Louder

MAC described Speak Louder as a clean poppy blue pink in the cremesheen finish. Despite MAC saying it is a blue-based pink, it doesn’t show the cool undertones. It is, of course, a clean, vivid pink that appears as raspberry pink in warmer lighting or on medium skin tones. It can be worn comfortably with both traditional and casual attire and would pull it off on both day and night wear.

The lasting power is a good 4 hours and fades smoothly leaving behind an attractive pink tint.

Best MAC Lipstick Color for Indian Skin

There you go. I compiled a list of MAC lipstick shades that I think are the best for Indian skin tones. You can choose from any of the colors mentioned starting from red, orange, pink and even nude lipsticks that any Indian girl would love to wear on a daily basis or an extraordinary event. I hope you find this helpful and if you already own, two or more of the mentioned lipstick shades, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have a question, feel free to ask. I’d be happy to help. Until next time, lovelies! 🙂

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