Best Lipstick Color for My Skin Tone

Have you ever find yourself staring at the lipstick shelves and get lost and confused where you question your entire existence? I can still remember how confused I was when I was in a certain makeup store in our area way back to my humble start of this makeup journey. There are tons of various undertones, finishes, and consistencies that make a display in the makeup aisle that seems to be more of a task than a fun adventure. I am not an exception on this for I know it is challenging to look for a fresh new shade. However, it doesn’t have to be a daunting effort. Why? It’s because it will be easy and much more convenient for you once you have some key guidelines that will help you find the best lip color for your skin tone.

Knowing your skin’s undertone could help and assist you in so many things especially in the fields of beauty and fashion.

Most of the people fall into two categories such as the warm and cool. For instance, fair skin has the cool undertones while olive skin has the warm undertones. If you find it confusing to determine your undertone, chances are you are on the neutral which is a combination of both warm and cool. Today, I will be sharing some quick tips that would help you find your skin’s undertone and the perfect lipstick’s shade to match.


If the blood in your veins looks bluish or you have a pink or red hue to your skin, you are for sure a cool tone. As mentioned, you can tell that your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist appear to be blue. Silver jewelry looks best on you.

Lip colors with purple or blue shaded undertones will look best on you. If you wish to have a red lip, refrain from choosing the orangey shades and go more into deep-bluish reds. Be mindful of the too light kind of shades for they can wash you out and nobody likes that.

The following MAC lipsticks are the ones that I could recommend for this type of skin tone. Please click each photo to learn more about the product.

  1. MAC Please Me
  2. MAC Chatterbox
  3. MAC Dangerously Chic
  4. MAC Faux
  5. MAC Girl About Town
  6. MAC Runner


If the blood in your veins looks more greenish or if you have a golden, yellow, or olive hue to your skin, you are a warm tone. Gold jewelry complements very well on you.

Lip colors in warm tones will look best on your warm undertone. Hence, you can go for orangey or red colors.

You can click every MAC lipstick that I recommend below that is suited to this type of skin tone.

  1. MAC Ladybug
  2. MAC Viva Glam I
  3. MAC Lady Danger
  4. MAC Ravishing
  5. MAC Hang-up


Those people who have neutral undertones could rock both silver and gold jewelry, and a massive range of colors could complement your skin. For you, lip color is a free-for-all.

If you are still confused and struggling to determine your undertone, please do not worry about it despite the idea of you having the basic understanding of your skin tone. Fair skinned people will look radiant in deep and bold colors which give contrast to their tone. For a much more olive toned, nudes, corals, and pink will suit best for you. For a much darker tone, a dark shade such as the MAC Verve or you could opt for a berry lip.

Final Thoughts

I would say that you are free to wear whatever shades make you feel beautiful. It is essential that you wear the right lip color for your skin tone especially if you want your lips to look their best. It is also important to remember the dos and don’ts when picking the right lip colors for your skin.

Bonus Tips

However, I would also want to add some lip tips for everyone:

  1. A bigger chance that you can afford the hot lip color is you have a difficulty in buying the trendy dress of the season. You can use that chance to change up your look.
  1. Use a lip gloss if you want to make your lips look bigger. Also, you can use a highlighter in your lip’s bow for a boost. I would recommend the MAC Strobe Liquid on this one.
  1. Remember the general lip rule which is the darker the color, the smaller the lips will look which would apply the same for the eyes. Also, the brighter and lighter, the larger they’ll see.

Best MAC Lipstick Color for My Skin

So, again, remember that the lip color is all up to you. If you are happy in a coral but it doesn’t align to the guidelines, don’t be sad about it. We should feel the prettiest in whatever choice we make that makes us both happy and confident in ourselves. Some beauty gurus will be telling you to stay away from the ashy shades for they would wash you out. However, looking a little gray is what I try to achieve.

Now that you have an idea or you already know the right lipstick shade for your skin tone, figure out the steps in doing smokey eyes.

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