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MAC lipstick is one of the most favorite lipstick products for ladies in the market now. The MAC lipsticks are available in a variety of beautiful shades. Nevertheless, it is not easy to pick one from many choices. To find a perfect lipstick majorly depends on your age and skin tone. The price can be another factor but fortunately, MAC lipstick prices are not as high, and so you can pick one without worrying about your budget.

So, I’ve compiled the best of them below which will assist you in selecting the ideal shade since they’re all special for different reasons. Enjoy!

1. MAC Ruby Woo

Price: $17.50

I think it is an injustice for MAC if we are talking about the brand but do not mention their Ruby Woo lipstick. This is the iconic shade of MAC that made the brand famous. It’s in the range of retro matte which is intensely famous among crowds for its long lasting and bold shade. It has a soft powder finish and an excellent shade of deep red which suits to almost all skin tones, either fair or dark on this planet. The downside of this lipstick is, it is so drying since it provides a full coverage and it is a matte finish that stays all day. On a positive note, it has a delicious smell which is a vanilla scent. I usually wear this during a night out with my girls-friends, and most of them are intrigued of the lipstick I was wearing. What I do before applying Ruby Woo is I moisturize my lips with a lip balm. I bought this on Amazon, you can get yours by clicking the photo below.

2. MAC Whirl

Price: $17.50

Whirl is one of the most favorite MAC lipstick shades that turned into the second best selling shade with Ruby Woo as the number one. According to Regan Rabanal, a senior artist from MAC, whirl is a pink tone that usually occurs in a fair to medium-dark skin tone. Also, he added that this lipstick shade does work for everyone for the reason of its depth and likeness to hues that occurs naturally in the skin. It turns to a lighter neutral, pink shade when applied on deeper skin tones. If you want to get this neutral pink shade, simply click the photo below.

3. MAC Rebel

Price: $17.50

This is the kind of lipstick color that should not be a best-seller of MAC. It’s too bright, with almost a pinky-purple finish. The ones who would wear it are the coolest girls you know and not every girl you know for it doesn’t suit to every skin tone. However, it magically does. The globally-flattering tone looks pink and bright on a fair skin while turning into a deep berry with medium to dark skin complexion. You can put it on like a spot, or layer it for a striking look which works for any occasion. It is no wonder why women everywhere are drawn to this color considering all of its versatility. Luckily, I get mine for free and I also want you to get it for free. Click the photo below before it expires.

4. MAC Velvet Teddy

Price: $17.50

MAC Velvet Teddy is described by MAC as a deep-tone beige. It has a matte finish, but this is apparently one of the most hydrating matte lipsticks I have tried. I suggest that you get this, just click the photo below. Also, it does not emphasize any dry patches on your lips, but I still suggest moisturizing your lips before applying any lipstick on them. They said that spice is your best friend when you own a Velvet Teddy from MAC. I do agree with it. You’ll surely love this when you want to wear an intense blush or a dramatic eye look. Furthermore, this lippy is also a color that is close to the Kylie Jenner lip trend, so don’t pass this baby up if you are into that. 😉

5. MAC Please Me

Price: $17.50

This is a beautiful mid pink, not too soft or loud and it goes with everything. It lasts around 4 to 5 hours because of its matte finish. However, you pretty much have to wear a lip gloss or even a lip balm over it because of the chalky texture. After eating and drinking, this lipstick shade separates and becomes uneven, so reapplication is also needed. You can be conservative, responsible, trendy all in one with this lipstick. If this suits your personality, click the image below to get this lipstick. This subtle lip helps the dramatic makeup to stand out more with heavy eye makeup for a night out.

6. MAC Plumful

Price: $17.50

It is a pinky-plum lipstick which will look more either plum or pink depending on your natural pigmentation as it’s a clear tone. It’s very brightening and flattering without being over the top. It has a lustre finish which is a bit shiny but not overly glossy, and it is the sheerest of the range with the least amount of pigmentation and most slip. This is the type of finish that is more forgiving on dry lips.

7. MAC Twig

Price: $17.50
My best friend bought this for me three months ago because I was looking for another nude lipstick. It looks like a muted brownish rose color in the photo, but it looks like a perfect nude color for medium skin tone like mine. Perfect for office wear, or during the times when you want to go for a natural look and still have a sign of color on your lips. It has a decent pigmentation with rich moisturizing since it is a satin finish. It does not dry out your lips and won’t come off very soon. Of course, some retouching is essential after eating and drinking. If you want to know more information about this lipstick, simply click the photo below.

8. MAC Brick-O-La

Price: $17.50

I would highly recommend this lipstick for every girl who is on the board for going on something in between a nude and too bold shades, click the photo below and you’ll know what I mean. MAC Brick-O-La is a combination of brick red, mild brown, and some berry tones. This is indeed a very wearable shade that can easily pull off at any events without looking loud – events like wedding, party, or even at work. It has an amplified creme finish which offers decent pigmentation and also moisturizes your lips well. It has a bit glossy touch with a subtle shine.

9. MAC Speak Louder

Price: $17.50
If you are looking for another shade of pink lipstick, then this MAC Speak Louder is a must-have. Simply click the photo below if you want to try this. This shade is different from the other pink lipstick because it has a reddish tone that makes it a little bit like neon shade but not too much of a neon since it is recommended for daily use. It has a cremesheen finish which makes the texture very creamy and very moisturizing. Hence, you don’t have to worry about using it daily. Also, you don’t need to reapply too much of it since it lasts for around 4 to 5 hours. You can use it either day or night because it is bright and a little bit shiny but not that muted. This shade could be one of your best pick of pink lipstick from MAC.

10. MAC Lady Danger

Price: $17.50

The red lipstick color suits well to all women from fair to dark complexions. The color red is so suitable for women with color most notably the MAC Lady Danger lipstick. It will work well on you no matter what your skin color since it has an orange, red tone that could blend well most notably to darker skin. Click the photo below to see the transformation. It has a rich pigmentation that would last for 6 hours so you could wear it all day and night.

So, these are the ten best MAC lipsticks that every girl should have no matter what their skin complexion is. I must say that there is nothing sexier and more feminine than a dazzling, gorgeous pout designed by the best MAC lipstick colors for all events. Whether you are going out on a date or wanting to look natural and fresh at a wedding, all ten of these hues will play up your eyes, accentuate your skin tone, and complete your look.

How do you feel about this collection of best MAC lipsticks? Do you agree or disagree with me? And do you own some of them? Let me know in the comment section below. I hope this helps you. 🙂

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