MAC Lipstick

Women have different personalities and lifestyles, and most likely they express their individuality in their sense of fashion. MAC lipstick has various types of collections that will suit one’s personality, mood and taste accordingly. However, every shade of MAC lipstick is appropriate to a certain skin tone. The shades that would look so great for fair skin might look bad for dark skin and vice versa.
MAC Lipstick Collection
MAC lipstick is part of a high fashion signature brand. MAC products range from skin care and makeups. Along with MAC lipstick, they also offer lip balm, lip gloss, and lip liners.

MAC Products

Lipstick is one of the cosmetic classics that almost every woman should have in their beauty kit. Certain women wear distinct types of lipstick depending on their daily mood, their way of life, and the message they want to convey. Yes, lipstick can express the inner style of women. It is the most significant part of the fashion and style. Lipstick can show hundreds of expressions of the heart. It may sound exaggerated, but a woman’s makeup is incomplete without the lipstick. Being an essential part of the women’s life, it has the power of enhancing the women’s beauty.

In modern times, the fame of lipstick has spread worldwide. In several different ways, one can put lipstick. Dark lipstick color can be applied as an eyeliner. One can utilize lipstick on the cheeks and blend it very nicely. Also, it can be used as face paint, but above all one must put it very finely on the lips. In other words, lipstick can produce magic. One need to use lipstick very sharply and apparently matching with the draperies in any festive event.

Choosing the best lipstick for you can be a tough task to do when you go to a cosmetic store. There are many variants of formula and color which are created for lipstick, but the MAC cosmetics targets people of any age where you need not be in your sweet 16 or in your twenties and thirties to use MAC. MAC Cosmetics contains a unique formula that gives skin a smooth, flawless, full-coverage finish. Its lip line contains jojoba oil which makes your lips soft and supple.

Eight different aspects in choosing the lip color:

Women who have large lips should stick to bronze, purple, and browns. These are the colors that are suitable for the large lips.

MAC lipstick colors for huge lips

Women who have thinner lips must use the berry cappuccino, mauve, and wine color.

Those women who have an olive skin color should use brown, terracotta and warm peach shades.

Those women who wish to flaunt and achieve a matte effect on the lips, they can use matte lipstick or oppositely one can put a portion of a tissue paper in between the lips and press the same.

How to achieve a matte effect on the lips

This will remove the excess oil of the bright lipstick, and it produces a very matte effect. Also, one can moisten a tiny bit of talcum powder on the lips and very deliberately brush up the other lipstick.

To achieve a simple yet very attractive look, one can also use a lip balm.


In any extraordinary occasion, party, discos, one can use a dark color lipstick pairing with lip glosses.

One can use a very light shade of red and pink lipstick, and this can create magic in getting a carefree look.

One can get a hot looking lip when she uses dark tones. Gaining attention among the multitude can be helpful.

Above all, one should be careful about choosing the good quality lipstick such as the MAC brand. One must take care of the skin while choosing.  It is the health that matter first after all.

What is the trick for testing out a lipstick at the store if you can’t put it on your lips?

Almost all of the women who are into makeup check the makeup shades through applying them on their wrist. Women grab a handful of lipsticks, swipe them across in a row and pick the one they like best. The dilemma is, it is not always the most flattering when we go to put it in our mouth.

As stated by Rae Morris, a celebrity makeup artist, the reason behind is that the skin tone on our hands is not the same as our lips’ skin tone. Alternatively, she says to test it on the fingertip for it has a blue-red undertone which is closer to your mouth. Make one swipe only and buy it if you like the color.

She added that if it isn’t enough, you are better off taking the next stronger shade and using it less. For the perfect nude, choose a few choices that look either one shade lighter or one shade darker than your normal lip color when you have nothing on your lip, not even a lip balm. Take note that it will wash you out if it isn’t an exact match. Apply them to your fingertips and hold each up to your mouth to measure.

Each of the MAC lipstick types can indeed express a woman’s character just by wearing it. With these intricate collections, lipstick goes beyond your average makeup accessory and becomes an expression of your individuality.

So, that’s all the information for the MAC Lipstick but admit it girls, it would take some of your time to do your makeup very well on a daily basis. For instance, imagine you have an interview, you want to enhance your appearance by putting some makeup, but you don’t want to be late for the meeting as well. So, what you or the other girls would do is to keep on checking the time on your watch while doing your makeup. Right? Just take your time and balance both because you can look good either you are in a rush or not for applying makeup. Also, just make sure that you know what you are doing.