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The color nude can be a relatively broad term when referring to the colors of lipsticks. Nudes can vary from the lightest of nudes like MAC’s ‘Faux,’ to deep-toned beiges like MAC’s ‘Velvet Teddy.’

Perhaps you already notice that I have a massive love for MAC lipsticks. I know that their price is quite in the middle point and being more expensive and higher quality compared to the drugstore brands, but they are much more affordable than the other higher end makeup brands such as NARS, Chanel, etc. However, I find the quality to be just as great if not better than many designer lipsticks.

Also, MAC is consistently releasing new collections and shades which make it fun and exciting in collecting them. I find it fun for MAC that they do switching of their packaging and doing some other colors in their limited edition.

I listed down all the best MAC nude lipsticks below, and I provided their official shade information as well as their finish type. Aside from that, I also added some recommendations to pair it up with MAC lip liners.

1. MAC Fleshpot

Pale muted pinky-beige. Satin finish. It is amazingly creamy and very pigmented. I know this shade is so pale and so fleshy that gives the wearer a “concealer lips.” This shade is so easy to pull off for girls who have pale, fair or white skin. I would recommend that as much as possible, you should try this on before buying it. Also, this is best paired with a ‘Naked’ liner from MAC which will give an excellent finish. Click the photo below if you want to try this.

MAC Fleshpot

2. MAC Creme d’ Nude

Pale muted peach beige. Cremesheen finish. This shade is one of MAC’s most popular favorites because it is warm enough in keeping it from being too corpse-ish kind of nude color. Since it is a cremesheen finish, it means it has a creamier look without being too thick or having too many slips. You can click the photo below to add this to your collection. Just the same with other MAC lipsticks, it is vanilla-scented and wears for long hours before it fades. Also, it is a great shade to pair it up with smokey eyes and a ‘Subculture’ lip liner from MAC.

MAC Creme d’ Nude

3. MAC Creme Cup

Light blue pink. Cremesheen finish. Pink is more dominant than nude in this shade. However, it would result in a very neutral tone when paired with the correct liner. My sister has a pigmented lips unlike mine, so I often see her use this either being paired with a concealer or the Naked liner from MAC which would result to a slight touch of color after filling it with the Creme Cup shade. You might ask if it is so drying when worn over a lip liner. The answer is no since it has a beautiful cool toned pink and has a creme sheen finish that is ideal for daily wear although it does not last for a long time. For more references if this is a drying lipstick, you can simply click the photo below for more feedback from happy ladies who purchased this. I can only imagine that those girls who have a deeper complexion and wears this, it would result to a much more nude pink.

MAC Creme Cup best nude lipstick

4. MAC Hue

Soft pale pink. Glaze finish. It is so neutral where it does not add so much color to your lips. Also, the pinkness prevents it from becoming a concealer lip shade like Fleshpot. You can wear it with a minimal makeup or bare face, and you will naturally look gorgeous, and if you want to spice it up, you can also use it with a smokey eye for a party or clubby look. Try this now by clicking the photo below.

MAC Hue best nude lipstick

5. MAC Blankety

Soft pink beige. Amplified finish. This is the shade that I use every time I want a very neutral lip color. It is not too dark and not too light. I wish it is matte finish since a shiny finish is not my cup of tea, but on a positive note, I love this color. In my own experience, it lasted for 4 hours, including eating and drinking. It is impressive, and I do believe that most girls would suit this best just like to me. Click the photo below to direct you to the store I bought it from. So, if you are not fond of an amplified finish, you could give a tray for MAC’s Honeylove as an alternative. It is a very neutral tone and has a matte finish.

MAC Blankety best nude lipstick

6. MAC Faux

Muted mauve-pink. Satin finish. This is a shade that goes on trend for some moment because of Kylie Jenner. So, I am one of those girls who followed the trend and bought this to test if it will look good on me. My expectation didn’t fail me as it looks good on my lips. Although I am so fond of matte finishes, I just want to give this a try, and it has a creamy and subtle shine since it has a satin finish, but I have to reapply after eating. I love pairing this with the ‘Whirl’ lip liner from MAC. If you want to try this just like I did, simply click the photo below.

MAC Faux best nude lipstick

7. MAC Velvet Teddy

Deep tone beige. Matte finish. This shade is one of my all time favorite nude lipstick shades because it does not wash me out or give me a concealer mouth. It’s the perfect balance of the colors peach and brown. I pair it with the ‘Stripdown’ lip liner from MAC. What I usually do is I first line my whole lips with the Stripdown lip liner and add the Velvet Teddy over the top to add some dimension and help keep the color last all throughout the day. Click the photo below to know what other girls do in applying this lipstick.

MAC Velvet Teddy best nude lipstick

8. MAC Honeylove

Light beige toned with rose. Matte finish. I extremely recommend this to anyone who has a “medium” skin tone which is seeking for the ideal nude lipstick to pair with a dark eye look or even alone. This could be a little drying since it is in a matte finish, but that’s just the nature of matte lipsticks. The lasting power is pretty pleasant, of course, it is not food or kiss proof, but I would say that it holds up pretty well. This is best paired with its Honeylove lip liner from MAC. You can get this by simply clicking the photo below.

MAC Honeylove best nude lipstick

MAC offers a lot of great nude colors, but it is only you who can find the true nude that would satisfy yourself which also depends on your skin color. So, just because you want to have a nude lipstick color does not mean that you will purchase every single of them, what I mean is that it is much nicer to be knowledgeable enough on what nude color would best suit you, so you won’t regret buying it. I hope this helps you and if you have any questions, let me know in the comment section. Also, if you own any of these MAC nude lipsticks, I would love to know your favorite/s. 🙂

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