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Helping to even out the facial skin, concealers are sometimes the only makeup that lots of lady favors to employ along with powder for every day purposes. For summer, you may need a shade darker to match your skin tanned and baked in the sun. A concealer is a great makeup agent and a must have in your makeup bag. A concealer hides all the imperfections on your face and gives you a flawless picture-perfect complexion. The right shade of concealer blends seamlessly into your skin and camouflages all blemishes, under-eye circles and discoloration on your face.


Here are some great tips to choose the right concealer shade for your skin and apply it skillfully to get the desired look.


How to Cover Different Problem Areas

Women typically use concealers to cover up and tone down three things of the face – under-eye circles, blemishes and discoloration around the nose, mouth and cheeks and other skin imperfections. However, what they do not realize is that all these areas require different concealers.


For under eye circles

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and fragile. Therefore, you need to apply creamy concealers containing emollient ingredients that melt into your skin.

Glo Minerals offers a full range of under eye concealers that help to camouflage the dark appearance of your under eye circles and brighten up your skin tone. Infused with a rich blend of antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, E and Green Tea extracts, it is a great moisturizer as well. Click the photo below for more information of this product.

Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free Camouflage


For blemishes and discoloration

Dry and more solid concealers are ideal to hide blemishes and discoloration because it ensures even coverage and lasts longer, even on the oily T-zone. Also, because they come in a convenient stick formula, it is great for touch-ups on the go.

bareMinerals Creamy Correcting Concealer

For broken capillaries or veins

It is important to apply the concealer only to the areas of discoloration. Take a brush and draw a zigzag line of concealer on top of the broken capillary or vein. This will help it to look more real rather than painting on a straight line. Then stipple out the edges to blend.


For rosacea

To counteract the redness you should always use a yellow-based concealer such as the Mary Kay concealer and apply it only to the reddened areas. Then stipple the outer edges with your fingertips and gently blend into the skin. Stipple foundation over the top to achieve a flawless finish. You can find a very good foundation here.

Mary Kay Concealer ~ Yellow

For hyperpigmentation or melasma

To correct age spots or brown spots, apply concealer only to the areas of discoloration. Otherwise, if you apply concealer beyond the line of demarcation, you will lighten the skin that is already the correct color. After applying stipple the edges to blend and finish by stippling foundation on top. Ivory and beige skin tones should use a yellowy concealer. For darker skin tones an orange-based concealer works best.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Custard

For scars

A scar is a raised area of skin with no pores, this makes it hard to conceal, as pores are what makeup clings to. This is when specialist skin camouflage creams are ideal and where it helps to see a specialist Skin Camouflage practitioner so that you can be advised on what products will be best suited to your skin concern. If you don’t have a concealer specifically suited to scars, try this trick. Apply moisturizer to the area, followed by a bit of loose powder. The moisturizer gives the powder something to cling on to. Then using a brush, apply a concealer to the scar and blend the edges. The concealer and the powder will mix together to form a drier textured concealer that will stick.


How to Choose the Right Shade of Concealer

For under eye circles

First use a peach shade to neutralize the blue and purple undertones that make your face look tired and then layer it up with a yellow based concealer, a couple of tones lighter than your natural skin tone. This will brighten up your under eye area making your eyes look brighter.


For blemishes and discoloration

Use a concealer that exactly matches your skin tone, if the color is too light or too dark, you will end up accentuating the area that you are attempting to conceal.


How to Apply Concealer

Step 1: Prep your Face

Wash your face with a cleanser so that it is fresh and clean. Then apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin and wait for about 5 minutes to allow the moisturizer to absorb. After this, apply a layer of foundation or primer over your entire face. This will help even out your skin tone and create a base for the rest of the make-up.


Step 2: Apply the Concealer

Take a small concealer brush and dab on concealer on the specific spots that you want to cover. You have complete control over where you place the product because of the small size of the brush. If you don’t know what brush to use, you can check it here for a guide. Remember, apply concealer only to those areas that really need it. After this, blend in the concealer to your skin with a gentle sponge.


Step 3: Set It Up Finally

Finally, set the concealer with a translucent powder. Just dust some colorless powder lightly across your face. This will prevent the concealer from caking, creasing or wearing off.


Beauty is an extremely interesting and serious subject. There is need to understand the secrets behind it and be able to apply them for beauty plays such an important role in our lives. I have such an interest in this subject and have written severally on its various aspects. Remember, your makeup will always look better and go on much more smoothly if you use a skin care program: cleanse, protect, and hydrate. Makeup on bad skin looks like makeup on bad skin. So take care of it so people will notice your beauty instead of being distracted by your skin’s imperfections.

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