Best MAC Lipstick Color for Asian Skin

One of the many concerns of girls out there is finding the right lipstick color for their skin. In fact, it is a most searched lipstick-related query on Google. Girls (and boys) find it a little confusing to mix and match their outfits and skin tone with their choice of lipstick color.

You can put on any color that you want. It’s just that there are colors that suit perfectly to your skin color and would help you pull off a glamorous look you want to achieve every day! Check out this short clip to see what I mean:

Now, distinguishing your skin tone and what colors suit you best—whether for beauty products or clothes can change your whole appearance. The exact equivalent hue can intensify your complexion, make your eyes sparkle, and improve your overall look so you can settle your best face forward.

For instance, Asians have a lot of skin tones depending on where they come from. East Asians such as the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese tend to have lighter skin tones while Southeast Asians like Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian have darker skin tones. It’s a little tricky to find the perfect lipstick color for Asian skin tone, but you can never go wrong with these choices of MAC Lipsticks for Asian skin.

MAC offers a broad range of lipstick color that you can choose. From the colors of perfect nude, perfect pink to the perfect red. There are a few budget, purse-friendly options in Mac, and being more affordable in no way means that the quality is compromised. It just depends on the shade and type of finish you prefer.

In this post, I put together a list of lipsticks for you. Read on to find out which lipstick might be the right choice for you. And once you have decided, you can find them by clicking on the images!

1.    MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Modesty

It’s the perfect nude-pink-rose lipstick color that can go on with any outfit any time of the day. It’s an all-time favorite lipstick for most girls as it has sufficient color that it doesn’t wash you out. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Modesty is on the edge of not being a nude. This one is perfect for almost all occasions all year long since it has a subtle sheen and is just so darn versatile! It suits Asians having Olive skin tones perfectly!

2.    MAC Satin Lipstick in Brave

This is a satin lipstick which means that the formula is opaque, durable, and semi-matte. The color is a pinky-mauve which looks very natural. It is an excellent color to wear day to day, but can also be dressed up with smokey eyes for a night out. This lipstick could go on with light-skinned Asians to the semi-tanned ones!

3.    MAC Lustre Viva Glam VI Lipstick

It is a nice neutral color with a beautiful golden shimmer that looks pretty on the lips. It’s also a versatile color that can pair well with different types of makeup looks. Excellent choice for Asian women such as Indian women of all ages!

4.    MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig

A warm mauve that pulls a bit chocolatey or red on Asian’s neutral-undertone skin, MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig has a beautiful satin-finish. Twig suit a large group of skin tones from fair to dark. This color appears to be a pinkish-brown on medium-tanned skin tones making it perfect for Asians wanting to achieve that edgy yet neutral look!

5.    MAC Amplified Lipstick in Cosmo

This is a pretty peachy-pink lipstick that is perfect for Asian’s warm, olive, and medium brown skin tones. It’s the classic warm pink with just enough peachiness to make it look slightly muted and very natural. The color comes naturally complementing to the skin, and it’s amplified finish is creamy to the lips without the feeling of drying.

6.    MAC Amplified Lipstick in Fast Play

The perfect mauve-pink shade; its dusty, mauve, browny, reddy pigment seems remarkable on so many complexions and compliments almost all outfits and makeup looks. It gives women with Asian skin tones a flattering look because it complements any skin color. Like Cosmo, it also has this amplified finish, giving you a creamy feeling!

Here’s when you want to go dark, sexy and intense:

7.    MAC Rebel Lipstick

This is a plum lipstick with a slightly bright pink undertone. It isn’t a blinding florescent purple, but it isn’t a dull gothic purple either. The shade is somewhere in between these two! It’s just perfect for fair-medium tones or those who have yellow undertones like Asians. Its color gives a bold but not too bright everyday look. It also works well with all brown skin tones. With its satin finish, it leaves your lips ready for everything.

8.    MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Sin

A beautiful oxblood burgundy lipstick with a perfect matte finish! And it stays real to color on ALL skin tones, from light to dark. In addition to being a sexy color, this lipstick stays on all day without any need for touch-ups or reapplication. This is the perfect killer matte for Asian skin tones!

9.    MAC Retro Matte All Fired Up

It’s a cool-toned combine between deep fuschia, dark pink and cherry red with blue undertones and can look either redder or pinker depending on your skin. It lightens the face, makes the teeth look whiter, and compliments especially light purple, dark blue, lavender, and also stark white clothes. It’s the ideal hit for summer and Asian skin tones. It’s also very long wearing, so you won’t need to worry about touching up when eating and drinking.

10.  MAC Matte Lipstick Studded Kiss

A matte, dark, oxblood red with cool undertones perfect for medium brown skin tones like that of the South-East Asian women. It looks super gorgeous on the lips even if you do not wear such dark shades often. You’d surprise yourself with SK!

The Best MAC Lipstick Color for Asian Skin

Given all these lipstick colors from MAC that Asian women can choose from, there should be no more searching for the right shade. Everything is just mentioned above, but one thing is for sure, Asian beauty is rare and unique. Everything you pair with becomes beautiful as it is.

Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Let me know if you have some and put them in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading, lovely ladies!

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