MAC Makeup Brushes

The existence of the world’s finest brushes is created by the company that supplies beautiful makeup such as the ones in MAC. The creation of the MAC makeup happened in a way where no expense is sacrificed in making an excellent brush that would exactly do what it is meant to do. You might ask why MAC would want to sacrifice on their brushes?

They now have a very faithful women followers, and seldom men who use their renowned makeup. Hence, this makes it a natural extension of that business and their product line, to produce the best way in applying it where they gain their customer’s loyalty. Since there are a lot of various brushes that do various things, this means that a massive amount of different materials were used and a lot of time and effort were exerted into development and research. What material, thickness, and length? These are the questions that the design and research team at MAC required some asking so that they can choose only the best brushes for every application.

For example, you won’t use a foundation brush in applying eye makeup or lipstick necessarily. Ironically, this came from the creative minds of the artists who use MAC that seldom various brushes, ones that are not meant for a particular purpose are eventually used for different purposes. It is just the essence of the business and the nature of people’s creativity to go outside the box so to speak and use a brush for something it wasn’t formerly designed for at all.

The makeup brushes of MAC are well made and quality wise, they do last for a long time most especially when proper maintenance is given for over time. This can be done by just cleaning them every two weeks with a good brush cleaner and by not overusing them. You will have sets of them lasting for a very long time as a return.

I am a fan of MAC cosmetics and I can’t and won’t deny that I own some of their makeup brushes. So, I would like to share some of my thoughts and opinions about such. I will be noting the materials used in the brushes that are from the MAC product information. This is for the awareness of not just those who wanted to avoid brushes created with animal products but for the awareness of everyone. It is worth mentioning that MAC claims to use only hairs that are groomed and trimmed from living animals, not hairs collected from slaughtered animals. Also, I included some available approximate measurements for each brush to give you some hints of the scale as well as I will mention the maximum length of the fibers and the estimated width of the widest part of the brush’s head.

Take note that I’ve given my opinion on some Pro brushes that I haven’t seen in person. So, enjoy!


MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush [goat hair, 40mm long by 35mm wide]

This brush is recommended for both powder and blush. Also, this is quite bigger but less soft than the 116. Personally, I find this brush as bronze or blush brush than a powder brush. It is not that fluffy for my taste when it comes to applying loose or pressed powder all over.


MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush [goat hair, 30mm long by 28mm wide]

What I love about this brush is its fabulous effect when used in applying colors to my cheekbones or anywhere else. This is my daily blush and bronzer brush. Talking about the size and angle lend it readily to contouring and more precise application but it is still soft enough in making an application look natural.


MAC 190 Foundation Brush [synthetic fibers, 30mm long by 22mm wide]

This is an essential brush especially if you wear foundation. This brush can be used for creamy, liquid, or powder foundations for an even and smooth finish. Also, this can even be used with creamy products and moisturizer. Personally, this is a must-have brush.


MAC 102 Brow Comb Brush [synthetic fibers]

This is the so called regular brush for grooming the lashes and brows. It looks like a toothbrush-shaped on one side and a plastic comb on the other side. They use synthetic fibers for this brush.

MAC 102 Brow Comb Brush

MAC 109 Small Contour [goat hair, 29mm long by 23mm wide]

I find this small and soft brush useful for buffing on powder products with some precision. What I like about this brush is it gives me a studio fix or other powders into tight spots like around the nose. Also, it readily lends itself for contouring. I won’t say that this is a must-have brush, but in all fairness, it is useful.

MAC 116 Blush Brush [goat hair, 33mm long by 28mm wide]

If you are looking for a brush that would give a more precise blush application, you should try 116 as this is incredibly a compact blush brush, soft and full-fibered. This brush is pretty nice since it is dense where it picks up the perfect amount of blush and because of its size, it makes it much simpler to control where it deposits the blush.

MAC 130 Short Duo Fiber [synthetic fibers]

This brush is great for buffing face colors into the skin in a natural effect, and it works very well with both cream and powder products. I love its size and the flat-top design because it is ideal for blending concealers for the areas under the eyes, or applying highlighters over the T-zone, and applying cream blushes on the cheeks.

MAC 136 Large Powder Brush [goat hair]

This is a soft, fluffy and huge powder brush. I like this brush because it applies powder very evenly, and it is easy to get a precise coating because of the soft hairs, but this is one of the most high-priced consumer brush that MAC sells. This is a must-have brush in my opinion, but the price is something to consider as well.

MAC 150 Powder/Blush Brush [goat hair, 48mm long by 45mm wide]

The difference between 150 and 136 is that the 150 is a bit bigger, less fluffy and soft and much cheaper compared to 136. My liking is on a super-soft powder brush, so this one is kind off for my liking.

MAC 159 DuoFiber Brush [synthetic fibers]

A small rounded, double-chiseled, paddle-shaped blush brush that is great for applying foundations and concealers for a natural finish. My experience of this brush is it works well with any face product that is incredibly too glittery or pigmented, as it seems to apply product very evenly and softly while allowing for simple blending because of the fluffiness of the bristles at the edge.

MAC 162 Small Angled Contour [goat hair]

This is an exact contouring brush that is able of heavy application of powder products over a very particular area. It’s a dense and very stiff brush, but in my opinion, I don’t think many girls would use this regularly.

MAC 180 Small Buffer Brush [goat hair, 22mm long by 42mm wide]

This is a soft buffer flat top brush. A buffer is useful for applying or blending powders on the face when used with small circular motions; it can make particles look more natural.  It does what it is supposed to do, and it does it well. It’s deficient maintenance, and it doesn’t shed. This is nowhere to be found now since MAC stopped producing it.

MAC 182 Buffer Brush [goat hair]

This brush is large, densely-packed dome-shaped brush with dyed-black goat hair bristles. The brush is incredibly full and dense, but the most amazing thing about it is the way it can flawlessly make your face look. This brush is great for softening your look and eliminating unevenness or any harsh edges.

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush [goat hair and synthetic fibers, 40mm long by 35mm wide]

If you want a brush that does a miracle with any product that you avoid over-applying such as bronzers and shimmery powders, then this brush is for you. The silky white fibers pick up a bit of the product when you whisk into or across a powder then you gently move the tips across the skin where it feels feather-light and a ticklish moment, and it applies a slight amount of the product. Some people even like this for using liquid foundations. This is another brush that is not a must-have but is useful and fun.

MAC 192 Cheek/Face Brush [synthetic fibers, 29mm long by 16mm wide]

This is a brush that has the same in shape and size to the foundation brush but a bit narrower. This is designed for using the same kinds of products. I think 190 is nicer and more versatile than this one since this brush feels more like plastic.

MAC 195 Concealer Brush [synthetic fibers]

This is a flat and firm brush although the bristles can bend easily. It picks up product and places it well. However, it can leave some streaks behind if you’re not careful. The best way to use this brush when applying concealer is by using a tapping technique instead of the blending or pulling technique.


MAC 263 Small Angle [synthetic fibers, 9mm long by 7mm wide]

Here’s a great angled lining brush, super-thin and excellent for precise lining with eyeshadows, creme liners, or pigments. The thickness is the primary difference between this brush and the 266 brush. I like the 263 because it is much skinnier compared to the 266.


MAC 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush [pony hair, 13mm by 11mm]

This brush is an angled version of the 213 — a full and fluffy brush that lends itself quickly to more clear applications of eye shadow. Also, it is excellent for blending. I like angled brushes because they’re comfortable to hold and useful for getting into corners.


MAC 204 Lash Brush [synthetic wand, 25mm long]

This is a long-handled mascara wand. Useful for grooming and applying products to lashes and brows. Also, you can separate lashes by twisting it through lashes to remove clumping. Furthermore, it makes for an excellent brow groomer to keep brows in place. I prefer to use this for separating lashes and brushing stray brow hairs back into place.

MAC 206 Brow Groomer [animal fibers]

Another toothbrush-style brow brush — the main difference between 206 and the 102 is that one is of natural fibers, and the 102 is synthetic.

MAC 207 Duster Brush [goat hair, 29mm long by 43mm wide]

A soft, flat fan brush. This is commonly used as a duster for removing excess powder from the face.

MAC 208 Small Angled Brow [animal and synthetic fibers, 7mm long by 6mm wide]

You need this brush if you do anything with your brows. This brow brush does a very great job in filling and defining the brows. This is a small and relatively firm brush and could be used for lining as well.

MAC 209 Eyeliner [synthetic fibers, 8mm long by 2mm wide]

If you need a small and pointy eyeliner brush, here’s your brush. I prefer flat liners either straight or angled, but a traditional pointy brush has its place.

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Pencil [synthetic fibers, 13mm long by 4mm wide]

This is a brush that’s a cross between the 209 Eyeliner and the 219 Pencil Brush. It’s larger than the 209 but similar in shape and style that can be used to blend and soften eyeliner or as a medium-point liner. The stiffness and point on this brush are very much likable.

MAC 212 Flat Definer [synthetic fibers, 7mm long by 19mm wide]

This is a flat liner brush that is very firm with a thin edge. A lot of people find it natural in making a continuous line next to the lashes with a brush such as this instead of a pointy liner. This brush is very much alike to 263 or 266 angled lining brushes, but flat instead of angled. Perhaps, you don’t need both styles, so better for you to figure out what is more useful and comfortable to you.

MAC 213 Fluff Brush [pony hair, 11mm long by 10mm wide]

This is a traditional fluffy eyeshadow brush. It’s ideal for applying light to moderate amount of eyeshadow, but it doesn’t work for bold looks. Also, it handles frosty shades very well and can be used to do light color blending. It can be used to polish eyeshadows on.

MAC 217 Blending Brush [goat hair, 16mm long by 10mm wide]

This is a brush that is intended more for blending and shading than application. Its primary function is to soften the lines between colors or add a little more color to an area. Also, you can use this as a crease brush because of its long shape.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush [goat hair, 10mm long by 6mm wide]

This is a super-firm brush for precise definition and shading. You can use it for a very defined crease, to get into corners, or even for smudgy lining (or smudging existing liner). The tip is pointy but still a little rounded.

MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush [goat hair, 21mm long by 11mm wide]

This is the normal super-fluffy crease and blending brush that MAC introduces in almost all of its mini brush sets. It’s long and slightly soft and lends itself readily to a “wrap-around wiper” motion that quickly shades the crease. Also, you can use the tips for blending and buffing. I like the 222 compared to this because this brush is a little less firm and precise and can quickly spread powders and shimmers around the eyes.

MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush [pony hair, 8mm long by 7mm wide]

This is a small brush that is great for precise eyeshadow application, but I’ve discovered more other uses for it. This brush applies concealer (cream, powder, or liquid) pretty well. It nicely smudges liner too. I’ve even moistened it with a little bit of makeup remover and used it to clean up mascara and eyeliner mistakes.

MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush

MAC 231 Small Shader [synthetic fibers, 6mm long by 6mm wide]

This is another tiny shader but so different from the 228. This one is very tapered and stiff that picks up a lot of product, and applies with correctness. It has more in common with the lip and concealer brushes than any other eye brush and can be used for each of those goals. It’s perfect for applying MAC Cream Colour Bases precisely to the eye area and ideal for lining with paints. Great with both dry or wet products, and very helpful for lining with the Fluidline gel liners.

MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush [goat hair, 10mm long by 10mm wide]

This brush is great for blending and applying bold eyeshadow looks. The dense white goat hairs used in this brush pick up a lot of product and apply it both thickly and precisely. This is the brush that would give me a bright, bold and dense applications. Nonetheless, the angled version of this brush, the 272, is almost alike but much more useful because of the angled shape.

MAC 242 Shader Brush [pony hair and synthetic fibers, 12mm long by 10mm wide]

This is a flat, slightly rounded at the tip, brush made out of firm fibers. The tip is thin enough to use it to apply paint in tight corners and under the lower lashes. Other uses this brush for an application of eyeshadows and pigments and shading in small spaces.

MAC 249 Large Shader [synthetic fibers]

This brush is like the bigger version of the 242 but has a significant difference. This is an all-synthetic brush with a touch of different “feel,” and it gives itself readily to using products such as the MAC Cream Colour Bases to the lids.

MAC 252 Larger Shader Brush [goat hair, 16mm long by 14mm wide]

This brush is just the same with 242 but only larger. It can be used in the same ways, but I find it less useful because of its larger size. For me, the 242 is more versatile, and I don’t think you need the both of them.

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush [ox hair and synthetic fibers, 8mm long by 6mm wide]

This is another angled liner brush but a bit thicker than the 263 brush. The same kind of uses applies to this one such as the lining and defining the eyes. Also, you could use this for the brows too, but I find the 208 brush more appropriate for this purpose.

MAC 272 Small Angled Shader [goat hair, 12mm long by 10mm wide]

I am fond of brushes made of white goat hair because I find them so soft but dense where they pick up and apply a lot of product. This brush is simply one of them. It is almost identical to the 239 brush, but I love the angled shape for getting into corners. It applies bold looks easily, and blends and shades nicely. If you ask me to get rid of every eye brush in my collection, this is the one that I will keep.


MAC 316 Lip Brush/Covered Brush [synthetic fibers, 7mm long by 5mm wide]

This could be your regular rounded-off flat lip brush. A staple in every beauty case and it’s nice that this one is covered which doesn’t make a mess after use. Also, you can even load it up with color before going out to somewhere for touch-ups on the go.


MAC 318 Retractable Lip [synthetic fibers, 9mm long by 5mm wide]

This is compact lip brush with a head much the same as the 316, but this one is mechanically retractable. It has firm bristles with a tapered tip to define the contours of the lip and apply fill quickly and easily. Can be used with any formula. If you want to have one lip brush, this is the one I’d suggest for sheer coolness and versatility.


MAC 311 Lipliner Brush [synthetic fibers]

This is like a tiny lip brush, specially designed for precise application of eyeliner, lipstick or anything else you need a small flat brush. I usually line with a pencil and find the proper lip brush that is precise enough for applying lipstick in corners and along the edges.

I believe that you can create exceptional looks for yourself with the help of these brushes and some knowledge and experience in using them proficiently. My advice is you should carefully choose a set of brushes that will complete your makeup kit today. You can buy brushes such as the ones I mentioned above from the MAC store in your local area, or you can order them online too.

If you own some MAC brushes, let me know your experience in the comment section below or if you want to say something about a particular makeup brush, feel free to do so. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you. 🙂