Best MAC Lipstick Color for Dark Skin

Finding the right color and shade of lipstick is a common dilemma and concern for most women. It’s tricky mainly for women who have darker skin tones. Darker-skinned women can have warm or cool undertones, which can alter the way the lip shade acts against their coloring.

It’s hard to find the perfect lipstick color that would flatter your skin and would suit your personal style at the same time. However, if you know your skin tone and the color that suits your color best, there’s no way you would go wrong. Finding the correct shade and complementary hues would enhance your features making your complexion brighter! Learn about your undertones in this clip right here:

Now, deep browns and dark burgundies are a reliable bet for mahogany-skinned women, but for those who are looking for an additional burst of color, for instance, women who have cooler skin tones must change it up with a bright orange or red, while the warmer skin toned women must give wild orchid a turn.

Maybe you have all these bunches of lipsticks with different shades ranging from plums, to browns, to reds to pinks and nudes, but you rarely used them because you feel comfortable with your plums and dark reds. You might have bought all these lipsticks because you find it flattering on Kendal Jenner’s face on the makeup store, but when you try it yourself, later did you realize it doesn’t suit you. So for your dark skin tone, you might want to rediscover new trends and new hot picks to suit and flatter your skin tone.

You can choose from a lot of makeup brands and lipstick lines, but MAC offers a huge deal when it comes to your lipsticks. Here’s a little guide to finding the right MAC lippies for your dark skin tone:


1.    MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo

It’s a lipstick formulated to shade, define, and showcase the lips. The entire red lipstick would take you to places. Its red hue seems to look too light on dark skin tones, but it accentuates your facial features. Click the photo below to see the transformation. The lipstick itself can change your whole face, brightening it up and at the same time flattering your skin tone to the fullest!

2.    MAC Lady Danger

This one is a very chic and stylish alternative when it comes to red lipsticks. If you wish to be the stand out of the crowd of contemporary shades of reds lipsticks, then this is the perfect one for you. It goes well with all of the skin types but its most flattering for those who have dark and medium skin tones. It brightens and lifts the whole face bringing up your best face forward. If you are not yet convinced, click the photo below.

3.   MAC Matte Viva Glam

As a warm red with a matte finish that is permanent, it’s still true red but somehow more subtle. Its beautiful on pinkish skins , but looks much more flattering on dark skin tones. This shade is a perfect everyday lip color for dark skinned women who wish to achieve that naturally glammed up look every day. If you wish to have this daily look, you can get this lipstick by clicking the photo below.

4.    MAC Hot Tahiti

Being a slightly sheer, berry/brown red, it looks good with a warm skin tone if you like layering lipstick on. It is the ideal everyday lip when you don’t want just nude pink but a bit more color and flush on your lips! Additionally, Hot Tahiti is smooth and creamy and still long wearing without packing way to much color on the lips. Click the photo below for more information.


5.    MAC Satin Rebel

It is a plum lipstick with a slightly bright pink undertone. It isn’t a blinding florescent purple, but it isn’t a dull gothic purple either. The shade is somewhere in between these two! MAC Satin Rebel is just perfect for medium-dark tones. Its color gives a bold but not too bold everyday look. Get this everyday look by clicking the image below. It also works well with all dark brown skin tones, and leaves your lips ready for everything with its satin finish!

6.    MAC Dark Side

The rich dark burgundy suits dark-toned skin and dark brown hair and eyes. It’s quite a vampy lipstick color with that touch of elegance and style at the same time. It goes perfectly well with your goth or vampy look. The right color that you can pair with a subtle smokey eye or on a night out. Click the photo below if you want to try this.


7.    MAC So Chaud

This is a great corally orange lipstick suitable to medium-dark skin tones. Its bright orangey color illuminates the whole face giving it a flattering brightness and elegance. It is a summer must-have for many girls since it suits an extensive range of skin tones and undertones. Click the photo now before it runs out.

8.    MAC Morange Amplified Creme

This is one of the unique lipsticks that you put on and brightens up your face, making your skin color gleam, and your eye makeup look astonishing. It gives you young summery feels by complementing your skin tone. This and a dark-skinned woman is a perfect combo to make a tan-faced goddess. You want this? Click the photo below.


9.    MAC Impassioned

It is a pop of bright, coral pink on the lips that looks amazing on dark-skinned women. It’s a fun color to wear because of its neon appeal to the eyes. Pink lipsticks also emphasize the shape of the lips, and it’s lifting the whole face. Pink is a popular and youthful hue that is gorgeous to almost everyone. Despite the age, any woman can look flamboyant in this lip color. What are you waiting for? Get this now by clicking the photo below.

10.    MAC Amplified Lipstick – Girl About Town

Although somewhat hot pink, it’s mostly fuchsia. It’s an amplified cream which is a beautiful lipstick finish because it’s opaque and it slides like butter on your lips. Personally, swiping it seemed like a lustre finish. It’s eye-catching and very fun – perfect for nights out. Try this now and order it by clicking the photo below. This is beautiful for dark-skinned women since the color is striking and has contrasting dark tones.


11.    MAC To The Future

A stunning, subtle, peachy/pink, with a satin/matte finish. This is the perfect nude for medium-dark skin tones. Just the right everyday lipstick for dark-skinned women.  Overall,  it’s a very flattering shade for women with dark tones. Click the photo below if you want to try this.

12.    MAC Satin Peachstock

It’s a nice peach-nude that would look just right for medium-dark tones. The peachy pale color makes it look like a concealer lipstick, but when worn by medium-dark tones, it just beautifully blends. Click the photo below to see what I mean.

Best MAC Lipstick Color for Dark Skin

With all these recommendations, you should be enlightened and empowered. There is nothing wrong with your skin tone, it just needs the suitable lip color so that your skin will be flattered and its beauty emphasized.

There you go, different variations of red, plum, orange, pink and nude to choose from for a simple to a glamorous look. What do you think, lovely ladies? Feel free to share with me some of your favorite variation of red, plum, orange, pink and nude lipstick colors in the comments below! 😉

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