Best MAC Lipstick for Olive Skin

An olive skin has a shade of green and frequently warmer tones are identified for having this. There are a lot of times that people experience ashiness with this type of skin tone since it is classified as an overtone, but it works with a massive range of lipstick colors starting from subtle nude to vibrant orange. Your natural gold undertones will be visible with big and bright shades, while berry shades add extra warmth to this complexion. The other colors to flaunt include wine-based reds or vampy, coral with pink undertones, deep pinks and cranberry shades. These hues will give justice to you unless it is brown or purple for they can wash you out and give a dull appearance on your complexion.

Fortunately, product lines such as MAC Cosmetics offers a variety of lipstick shades that will suit best for olive skin tones. The following list below is classified as the best MAC lipsticks for olive skin.

1. MAC Velvet Teddy

MAC Velvet Teddy carries both vitamins C and E with scents of vanilla into a matte finish. This soft brown-toned nude has a combination of peach undertones with warm pink which I highly recommend for women who have naturally rosy lips. Also, this is one of the most sought-after MAC nude lipsticks for olive skin.

Velvet Teddy is moderately pigmented, and you can apply smooth layers of color without showing signs of feathering. The creamy vitamin-enriched formula is designed to protect the lips from the sun while a gentle finish holds them looking fresh and youthful. Feel free to click the image below to get this lipstick.

2. MAC Cherish

MAC Cherish gives a full dark coverage with a satin finish. This muted beige-toned nude is peppered with honey, peach, and rose undertones that you can top with a flat glossy shine. This shade is lighter than the MAC Velvet Teddy and is highly pigmented which won’t create cakey lips. Click the photo below to order this now. Also, it lasts a good 4 to 5 hours without any retouch and smoothly gliding onto your lips with excellent coverage.

Wipe it on a thin layer of lip balm before applying for your lips to be moisturized. It will look so flattering on pigmented lips, and the underlying peach and honey hues make this shade as a great nude lipstick for olive skin. Muting rosy and pigment for a smoother and more natural nude pout.

3. MAC Freckletone

MAC Freckletone glazes lips with a gorgeous lustre finish while the vanilla scent is adding a subtle flavor and aroma. This peachy nude mixed with beige sits nearly translucent on your lips. The demi-sheer texture and creamy consistency of Freckletone will enhance the natural color of your lips without completely blotting them out. Also, the polished glow and the lustre finish will leave your lips looking smooth and soft. Don’t forget to click the photo below to know why many women like this lipstick.

It has a staying power of 3 hours, and it will preferably look more stunning on those who have pigmented lips. The warm peach undertones are helping in making the pigment soft, neutralizing and evening out the darker areas.

4. MAC Chili

MAC Chili is one of the top picks if you want a Matte red lipstick for your olive skin. It gives an opaque coverage in 1 to 2 swipes, but if you apply the lipstick using a lip brush, then you will get a more intense look compared to applying it directly from the tube. Also, it’s not bold and looks marvelous on warmer skin tones because of its terracotta shade that makes it both profound and subdued.

The lipstick stays for an about 6 hours and looks pretty red with orange tones that a lot of olive skin tones can easily carry off. Click the photo below to get a piece of this lipstick.

5. MAC Pink Nouveau

MAC Pink Nouveau is one of the hot selling lip shades from MAC. It has a satin finish which gives a smooth texture that glides effortlessly on the lips. This bright pink lipstick will look differently on various skin tones, and it can look pinker on some and more mauve on others. For olive skin, it will more look mauve pink.

It has a staying power of 4 to 5 hours and will still be visible despite it fades because of its semi-matte finish. If you wish to have this lipstick in your collection, simply click the photo below.

6. MAC Half ’n Half

MAC called their Half ‘n Half as “creamy pink” that has a rich and creamy texture for its amplified finish which makes it quite comfortable to wear. It is so easy to apply on the lips because of its emollient consistency. The shade is perfect for any situation, may it be from a working environment or a night out party with a smokey eye.

It lasts for an about 3 hours without bleeding or slipping although it does transfer off pretty quickly. Also, the amplified finish a great smooth texture which won’t dry out lips. Click the photo below to get this creamy lipstick from MAC.

7. MAC Shy Girl

MAC Shy Girl is a creamy neutral nude that is a great daytime shade that can also transition to a gorgeous evening lip with a heavier eye makeup. This shade of lipstick will look more like a natural warm lip for olive skin.

It has a moisturizing texture and does not dry out the lips. However, its longevity is around 3 hours on the lips. Don’y be shy to click the photo below to know where to get this lipstick even for free.

8. MAC Fast Play

MAC described Fast Play as a neutral pink lipstick which is warm toned natural looking brownish mauve pink shade with a soft sheen to it which is the trademark of this finish. It is a shade that you can pick any time when you are in a rush where you wish not to play your lips bold. Also, it is opaque in a single swipe but doesn’t emphasize any dryness. Get this MAC lipstick now by clicking the image below.

The sheen lasts for hours, and the glossy, matte lips look sophisticated and polished for hours.

Best MAC Lipstick Color for Olive Skin

If you have an olive skin who wants perfect lipstick shades to wear on a daily basis and can easily switch into a memorable night out event, then the list of MAC lipsticks I’ve mentioned are great choices for you. Have you tried any of them? What are your thoughts on the color? Do you like it? Let me know in the comment section below. Thank you, lovely ladies. I hope this helps you choose your picks. 🙂

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